KNM River Cleanup, November 21, 2015

On November 21, Kayak New Mexico and a crew of 14 volunteers and community partners helped pull nearly 1500lbs of debris from the Rio Grande River and surrounding areas. The photos below tell our story.

A few statistics
759 lbs of “unclassified” debris was pulled from the Algadones access point; mostly illegal dumping
15% of the total weight was glass. It is estimated that 90% of the glass was beer or alcohol-related. Fortunately, it is recyclable.
While plastic accounted for only 5% of the waste, it has one of the greatest impacts on the environment. It is estimated that 40% of the plastic is from drinking water, 40% from alcohol (including a large quantity of “minis”), 10% soda & sport drinks, and 10% bags, fishing line and other solid waste


“Most unusual” awards go to Scott C. (handcuffs) and Stan M. (toilet seat)
“Most Harmful” award goes to Sierra D. (~20ft of barbed-wire)
“Hardest Worker” goes to KNM Board Member Lori M. for organizing sponsorship and logistics for Waste Management
“Most Detailed” award goes to KNM Board Member Jane B (our treasurer) for sorting the collected debris, weighing and measuring every ounce of collected debris, double checking and triple checking. Jane also organized the volunteer efforts. It was reported she tried to weigh the volunteers. We suggested a simple head-count instead.
“Best Mud-pie Cookies” award goes to Ben D. (we welcome more competition in this area!!)
“Youngest River Conservationist” award goes to Kyler C.; son of Scott C.
Notable mentions:
First to arrive: Charlie P.
Most valuable loss: Betty B

Many “Thanks!” to everyone who helped us leave the river a little better than we found it!

The North Face & The North Face – providing awesome gear for our volunteers
Waste Management – for providing 2 dumpsters and removing our collected debris
Smith’s Food and Drug Stores – for providing lunch for our volunteers
Franks Supply Company Inc. – providing gloves and 5 gallon buckets
Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District – providing keys to the Algadones Access point
Uline – for providing 100 grapefruit bags for collecting trash & debris, while filtering water and sand.

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