Adaptive Kayaking Open House at Hotel Cascada

Last night (August 20) was our first night back at Hotel Cascada after a 4 month break.  The hotel is open to the public every night during June and July, and we had a few other projects to take care of in April and May.  It was great to be back and we know a lot of the parents and kiddos were looking forward to the event as well.

This event has come to mean so many things to so many people. For some, it’s a 2 hour break from the daily routine of intensive therapy, behavioral therapy, doctors appointments or living in a group home. For others, it’s a chance to experience the waterpark in a way that only people with disabilities would understand; many have said they’ve always wanted to go, but when it’s open to the public, its too crowded for children with Autism, or kids who use wheelchairs, or they get strange looks from people who don’t understand.  For others, it’s about feeling successful and having a sense of accomplishment.  Still others come for the therapeutic benefits of just being in, on or under the water.

In all, we had 71 participants and 16 volunteers for this event, contributing around 130 hours of service.

Cone join us again for our next Adaptive Kayaking Open House event at Hotel Cascada on September 17th.  “Come As You Are! At Kayak New Mexico!”
Highlights from the 2015 New Mexico Outdoor Expo

Each year, the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish host the New Mexico Outdoor Expo. The event is free to the public and usually draws about 4,50

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